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Some accidents are happy ones

I was busily working away at a commissioned piece and trying to decide if I was too old to throw myself on the floor to wail and kick like a two-year-old having a tantrum. You see, I had apparently regressed … Continue reading

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Drawing from the past

I was 14 years old maybe?  Or close enough. And somehow three matching pins came into my possession. I’m assuming they were a gift, but I can’t say for sure. (Memory like a sieve, don’t ya know.)  I never wore them. … Continue reading

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Papa’s Rose

          My father was a stubborn man, and he fought the cancer standing up until one day in September, 2008 when he suddenly collapsed and passed away. A few months later, in November, I went into … Continue reading

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Lelkessen is the name of my business of creating and selling my original stained glass, mosaics, fused glass, and Saori-style woven pieces. Several people have asked me about Lelkessen and what it means. It’s actually a Hungarian word and the … Continue reading

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